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Jake Denning 11/19/12 01:34 PM

AP.net Interview: Parkway Drive
You can check out our interview with Parkway Drive here. The band is currently on a headliner overseas, and will come back to America in 2013. The band's brand new album, Atlas is out now on Epitaph Records.
From The InterviewThe goal was to create a record that worked well as a cohesive collection of music, sounded like the Parkway Drive people know, but also offered some genuine surprises.

icynova 11/19/12 01:51 PM

Awesome guy, and good interview. I like that you touched on the nihilism in his lyrics though... That can sometimes be a barrier for me to really get into certain songs of theirs.

AussieBoy 11/19/12 06:35 PM

Best band.

Tour with Prom Queen in 3wks
Gonna bring back old memories

kbomb001 11/20/12 01:23 AM

This band helps carry the scene