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Christian Wagner 11/19/12 06:09 PM

Sworn In Releases Clip Of Cover Song
Stream a clip of Sworn In's cover of Linkin Park's "A Place For My Head" on PropertyOfZack. We'll be premiering the full track on Wednesday.

Stuckinvhs 11/19/12 06:23 PM

linkin park tribute album. do it.

adamPOP 11/19/12 06:34 PM

I wish they would have used a different clip from the song. That really doesn't give us any idea of what the song is going to be like..

InfiniteArms 11/19/12 08:44 PM

that clip makes me not want to listen at all. Doesn't do much for the song or the band. New clip pl0x.

AReiss 11/19/12 10:53 PM

I could see Stray from the Path fans digging this. I've only heard one song, so I needa hear more for myself, but that's the feeling I get.

Ditka For Gov 11/20/12 12:20 AM

Well, it can't be any worse than the Story of the Year cover that was posted the other day at least, can it?

DisenShaanted 11/20/12 05:43 AM

This sounds pretty promising to me.