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Christian Wagner 11/19/12 10:01 PM

Happy Birthday Dustin and Jesse!
Happy birthday to Dustin Wallace and Jesse Vadala of With The Punches!

justbradley 11/19/12 10:33 PM

Are their birthdays really on the same day? That's so cool! Happy birthday, guys! With the Punches is one of my favorite up and coming pop-punk bands. It's good to see them doing so well.

barelyReid 11/19/12 10:44 PM

Happy Birthday homies!!

xBranx 11/19/12 10:52 PM

Two of my favorite people. Happy birthday guys.

iamthealex 11/19/12 11:13 PM

Two members of a band have birthdays on the same day? That's punk rock.

PirateSkater182 11/19/12 11:24 PM

Have a good one fellas!

WeWereGiants 11/20/12 12:00 AM

Happy birthday to two of the realest dudes in music.

MomPagano 11/20/12 05:08 AM

Happy birthday to two of the sweetest boys I know. I love you both with all my heart!!

MATTY-AL4W 11/20/12 12:58 PM

happy bday!

SincerelyMe 11/20/12 01:47 PM

Happy birthday to both!!

ViTOP 11/20/12 01:51 PM

Happy Birthday !!!

MDerbin989 11/20/12 08:20 PM

Happy birthday, psyched to see you guys next month, best to you and yours!