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SpenserC760 11/27/12 01:23 AM

Kid Liberty!?
I've been listening to these guys for a pretty long time, and I have to say I love them.
Has anyone else ever listened to them?
Or does anyone know when they're gonna tour again, or what happened!?

mrprestontucker 11/27/12 10:24 AM

I've been meaning to check them out. They have a super dope shirt on all in merch that's really cheap, and I'm considering buying it if I like them. If they do start touring again, they need to make their way around to Cincy.

SpenserC760 11/27/12 10:49 AM

Yesss, they're so sick. I've been wanting to see them. But they like, just disappeared. They don't post anything on facebook or twitter..

cbronder1 11/27/12 05:37 PM

i saw them a couple years back. they were great.

SpenserC760 11/27/12 05:50 PM

I'm really curious what happened to them. They don't update anything. I want to see them so bad...

aboyandhiscurse 11/30/12 12:27 PM

pretty solid band back when i liked that stuff. they had a really hardcore edge to their sound which was totally rad cause most pop punk bands doing the hardcore pop punk thing just threw in breakdowns, these dudes were pretty tactful about it. i never really followed them or anything...did they break up?

chris1 11/30/12 11:49 PM

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