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scenekid12 11/27/12 08:59 AM

Carson releases first Album (prod by AJ Perdomo of Dangerous Summer)
"Female-fronted rock bands are a commodity. Well, let me rephrase: unique female-fronted rock bands are a commodity. For what reason? Usually, most try to be the next Paramore and don’t stray far from power chord progressions and uninspired lyrics, leading to typically fun but empty music. It’s not often that a real, outstanding gem surfaces. But lo and behold, a little band named Carson have this little release called Leap that kinda sorta should become a big deal." - Steve Alcala mindequalsblown.net

Show your love if you support it.

Able to be streamed here https://www.facebook.com/carsontheband

Anthony Green Supported

Definitely for lovers of As Cities Burn, Circa Survive

scenekid12 11/27/12 09:26 AM

Personal favorite track off the new album is Resilience.

scenekid12 11/27/12 01:30 PM


Miketheunicycle 11/27/12 05:52 PM

nice triple post, checking out

Matt is Rad 11/27/12 06:41 PM

These guys are friends of mine, very proud of them for doing what their doing. I hope big things happen for them, def a great live band.

GetUpAndrew 11/28/12 01:35 AM

For a second I thought that this thread was about the pop punk band Carson and I was literally freaking out.

Steve Alcala 11/30/12 05:56 PM


Shabam. Thanks for quoting me, it's cool to know people read my stuff <3

dancelukedance 11/30/12 06:25 PM

Will check out for sure !

chris1 11/30/12 11:48 PM

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