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Max_123 11/28/12 07:13 PM

NFL Gameday Week 13
Here is a list of the full week 13 schedule

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Chris Yates 11/28/12 07:39 PM

Woohoo go falcons. Can't wait for tomorrow night.

porttheman 11/28/12 07:48 PM

Im alil worried about the Muscle Hamster making Denvers run D his bitch. Either way, lets go Broncos!

spiffa0 11/28/12 07:52 PM


let's go steelers

Fool 11/28/12 09:09 PM

Da Bears

blimpcityhero11 11/28/12 10:58 PM

The Browns welcome your thank yous in advance for not garnering coverage by ESPN, ergo the entire nation avoiding Chris Berman's incessant Raider pandering.

Stavie Steelo 11/28/12 11:16 PM

Cutty Does It!

Stavie Steelo 11/28/12 11:19 PM

ghostyouare 11/28/12 11:19 PM


Originally Posted by cryates (Post 115865772)
Woohoo go falcons. Can't wait for tomorrow night.

Please beat the shit out of the saints. I'd be forever thankful.

Tyler Vagyler 11/29/12 12:14 AM

go panthers

4Who4What 11/29/12 12:29 AM

eagl....meh fuck it.

IcedOpethBlind 11/29/12 12:31 AM

fuck bud adams

zporter92 11/29/12 01:33 AM

Jets win out and squeak in at 9-7

Elizabetkz 11/29/12 06:13 AM

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Randall Mentzos 11/29/12 10:17 AM

no playoff hopes but i at least feel like my Jaguars are capable of winning a game with Henne under center. i hope Gabbert like never comes back

the Jags are at least remotely entertaining to watch now