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Christian Wagner 11/29/12 06:29 AM

Hit The Lights Poll #3: Invicta
This is Poll #3 to see which songs from Invicta you would like to hear Hit The Lights play on tour.

NewAgeofHorus 11/29/12 06:50 AM

Invincible, Take Control, Earthquake, Should've Known

Quijiba 11/29/12 07:11 AM

all of them

daftpunker45 11/29/12 07:30 AM

The first 3.

xHoodieWeather 11/29/12 07:50 AM

liars and cheats would be sweet to hear live.

EndlessPrisoner 11/29/12 09:01 AM

Float Through Me is the band's best song. by far. just brilliant.

Searos 11/29/12 09:05 AM

Definitely not the bsides. Float Through Me for sure though. Faster Now and All The Weight are also good.

gr33ndayfr3ak 11/29/12 09:46 AM

Didn't realize 'Oh My God' was so under-appreciated. Definitely one of my favorite of theirs.

claw38 11/29/12 10:56 AM

I'll take Gravity, Earthquake, Oh My God and Float Through Me, I've been dying to see Earthquake live

NewAgeofHorus 11/29/12 11:23 AM

I can't believe more people are not wanting to hear Invincible

vivatoto56 11/29/12 11:25 AM

I like pretty much every song but I'm only voting for one since it is so much better then the rest....So Guilty

PetitnaindesĪles 11/29/12 12:28 PM

Voted for Get To You, Float Through Me, All The Weight, Gravity and Earthquake. other songs weren't that good
it'd be interesting to hear Faster Now and Oh My God as well

abusedcat 11/29/12 12:36 PM

Definitely Take Control and Get To You.

HCO SF 87 11/29/12 01:31 PM

Has anyone actually heard "alone but not lonely"?

anamericangod 11/29/12 04:22 PM

Take Control is the best song on this album.