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Jason Gardner 11/29/12 07:28 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: The Saddest Landscape Song Premiere
Today we're pumped to be bringing you a brand new track from The Saddest Landscape in the form of the title track from their upcoming Redefining Loneliness 7", which is available December 18th via Topshelf Records. Hit the replies or the band's AP.net profile to check it out, and be sure to check out the pre-orders here.

Jason Gardner 11/29/12 07:29 AM

Redefining Loneliness

Alex DiVincenzo 11/29/12 09:08 AM


Adam Pfleider 11/29/12 10:24 AM

love love love

maxvsmaradona 11/29/12 10:43 AM

fucking awesome.

iaminsane20 11/29/12 11:33 AM

So excited for the EP to come in! Song is great

SomedayTheFire 11/29/12 12:57 PM

it's very "The Saddest Landscape" quite similar to a few older songs, by no means is this a bad thing, just not a great thing. Still, very excited for this release.

thesollopsist 11/29/12 04:21 PM

Really looking forward to this release.

BusterBluth 11/29/12 05:40 PM

fucking awesome

KingMax01 11/29/12 06:28 PM

Their guitar always tugs at the heartstrings. It sounded somewhat like Hot Cross too which was cool

signal to noise 11/29/12 09:48 PM

sounds wicked heavy compared to the previous stuff. as with all their stuff, im glad i preordered it.

crimes 12/01/12 01:09 PM

could never get into this band b/c i am not huge on his vocals but this is pretty good

Sic Transit Zeb 02/02/13 06:11 PM

I really love htis band.