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Jason Tate 11/29/12 02:00 PM

Green Day "Dirty Rotten Bastards" Clip
A preview for a new Green Day song entitled "Dirty Rotten Bastards" can be heard in the replies.

Submitted by Elscorcho2008

Jason Tate 11/29/12 02:01 PM

djrossstar2009 11/29/12 02:08 PM


Chesser19 11/29/12 02:09 PM

The vocal melody reminds me of Shoplifter but I still can't wait to hear this album. Hopefully it's better than the last 2.

Gaugzilla 11/29/12 02:14 PM

"Next stop is therapy." Seems like Billie was being a little autobiographical.

Doesn't sound any better than the other stuff off of the other two. Just kind of going through the motions. "Quatro" kind of proved they didn't know what they were doing or how to control all of the material.

Elscorcho2008 11/29/12 02:16 PM

Best song of the 3 albums so far.. Well so it seems

brokencyde 11/29/12 02:19 PM

I thought Uno was going to be good when I heard some snippets. Album was bad.

I thought Dos was going to be good when I heard some snippets. Album was bad.

Never again

Charlieistony 11/29/12 02:36 PM

the verse sounds like it could have been on warning. I can dig it, just the part before it is annoying.

cowlord 11/29/12 02:38 PM

Intereseting. The last two have probably been the worst of the GD albums, but I still think they're good.

Crackbaby 11/29/12 02:40 PM

This is fucking annoying.

Kyle Huntington 11/29/12 02:42 PM

Which band or artist are they ripping off on this track, then? Can't listen at the moment, but it's a safe bet/question.

ParkwayTom 11/29/12 02:56 PM

I weep for you, Green Day.

Elscorcho2008 11/29/12 03:04 PM

EastCoastVans 11/29/12 03:04 PM

Just read the Alt Press review for this out of curiosity. I know you can't trust their reviews, but they gave it 3 stars, said it was incoherent, and named this track specifically as one of the not so bad ones. I'll listen to the record, but this whole trilogy thing has been such a disappointment.

heyzombiehitler 11/29/12 03:05 PM

To me it sounds like american idiot era green day covering dropkick murphys. Is that wierd?

Also I havnt really liked any of the snippets/songs from tre so far. Starting to bum me out.