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Jason Tate 11/29/12 02:09 PM

Jukebox the Ghost Post New Tour Dates
Jukebox the Ghost has announced 2013 headlining tour dates.

Submitted by indoorliving

EndlessPrisoner 11/29/12 02:10 PM

Will be going to 9:30 club. Will be the 5th time I see them. They sold out the venue last time they headlined there.

zachff 11/29/12 02:11 PM

I plan to attend their Chicago date.

mkohler 11/29/12 02:26 PM

Cleveland it is. :nod:

NateFoundGlory 11/29/12 02:44 PM

They can play the Metro? Wow.

Will certainly be attending. So excited.

Penguin 11/29/12 03:48 PM

I really want to go!

Cody Nelson 11/29/12 04:45 PM

So stoked for this tour. Also, digging the coincidental username of who submitted this.

cvcownr 11/29/12 05:54 PM

I'll be attending the 9:30 Club show as well. I saw them with Motion City, the place was bare. Hopefully it's rocking considering they're headlining this time.

spaghettti 11/29/12 06:47 PM

hopefully i'll go to the hartford date, i've wanted to see these guys for a while

Kixur413 11/29/12 07:10 PM

Same night that Coheed is in town... :(

NorthstarPark 11/29/12 08:37 PM

Holy shit Matt Pond. My brother is going to shit his pants, he's a big Matt Pond fan.

smowashere 11/29/12 09:05 PM

Michigan: the state bands often pass over.

xHoodieWeather 11/29/12 09:07 PM

Definitely hitting this up. Saw them with MCS and was blown away.

WhatJulianSaid 11/29/12 10:56 PM

Saw this earlier but it's with matt pond... gross

teh_erica 11/30/12 07:25 AM

Super bummed that there is no NC date. :(