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Jason Tate 11/29/12 04:31 PM

John Mayer Updates On Granuloma
John Mayer has posted an update about his vocal granuloma.
From the BlogThe granuloma is almost healed, Iím told. Iím in the middle of a four week period of *complete* vocal rest and bland diet, hoping that does the trick. Itís really close to being gone though.

athdrummer19 11/29/12 04:48 PM

Looking forward to a John Mayer tour in 2013!

SpyKi 11/29/12 04:55 PM


falloutpanicboy 11/29/12 05:07 PM

This is fantastic news! Hopefully we get a tour and new album in 2013.

Coverbydesign 11/29/12 05:08 PM

crossing fingers for a 2013 summer tour

justinwho 11/29/12 05:12 PM

god, let this be the last of his vocal problems.

WhoSaidThat? 11/29/12 05:12 PM


kmilongo 11/29/12 05:18 PM

Great news! John's the man.

leftapart 11/29/12 05:40 PM

Damn, so he's been dealing with this since September 2011? That fucking sucks! Almost a year and a half. Glad he's finally going to be fully recovered.

Box Car Racer 11/29/12 05:46 PM

i don't know how i always manage to read his name as "Joyce Manor"

theskycouldfly 11/29/12 11:34 PM

i'm sure he is loving just bangin katty perry and doing nuthin #ballerstyle

kbomb001 11/30/12 01:43 AM


Originally Posted by athdrummer19 (Post 115901802)
Looking forward to a John Mayer tour in 2013!

this, he's earned it

kazuma_ootaro28 11/30/12 03:57 AM

Good to see his recovery going well.

Chris Collum 11/30/12 06:55 AM

Sweet! Now come play a show near me please.

AtTheEquinox 11/30/12 08:15 AM

Great news I wonder if he'll jump right back into recording. I remember him saying he was thinking about doing another record like Born and Raised and touring them both afterward.