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Jason Tate 11/29/12 04:49 PM

Full Video Set From Into It. Over It.
A full-band, full-set video for Into It. Over It. can be found in the replies.

Jason Tate 11/29/12 04:50 PM

We don't know where to start with this one so we'll start with the fact that this is the very first FULL BAND performance from Into It. Over It. And since IIOI is known for 90 second songs (more on that later), we thought we'd film their first five songs and throw it all into one.

Boilerplate: Into It. Over It. is the brainchild of Evan Thomas Weiss, who's been recording and writing under that name since 2001. There are three full-lengths to date, the most recent on No Sleep Records called 'Proper.' Ideas behind the other two: writing a song a week over a year and calling it '52 Weeks'; writing songs about/in towns across the East Coast and releasing it as 'Twelve Towns.' Tonight you'll hear selections from all three.

Into It. Over It.'s inaugural full-band live show at Now That's Class in Cleveland, Ohio

fothermucker 11/29/12 04:53 PM

So fucking bummed I missed this tour. I wish he toured full band more often.

MikeYabs 11/29/12 05:12 PM

I really enjoyed being able to see IIOI full band, but I think I prefer just Evan and a guitar.

PirateSkater182 11/29/12 05:16 PM

I need to see this with my own two eyes live. Bring it to Texas, Evan. Full band or solo, I don't care.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/29/12 05:43 PM

Not a full set. But cool nonetheless.

Davewinnie 11/29/12 05:48 PM

I wish he could tour with a full band all the time! :)

daftpunker45 11/29/12 06:35 PM

Wish I could have gone on this tour.

absolution 11/29/12 07:45 PM

only thing sweeter than that tele is the phillies shirt. I just need Evan to do a Chase Utley version of this now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNrs2suHxQ0

rushour144 11/29/12 08:20 PM

If only I didn't live in Cali and had money to have flown to one of these shows. Epic doesn't quite describe this!

If there was one band I'd die to be in, it would be any band with Evan! His songs are so fun to drum too!

sooperdoodey 11/29/12 09:14 PM

The Audiotree session was waaaaay better. Plus it has the best host in the business.

xconcretenwater 11/29/12 09:26 PM

love this band but man those vocals are all over the place

morgantayler 11/29/12 10:46 PM

I really wish I could have seen them at Fest. I am even going to school in Gainesville right now but I couldn't go :/

Truman122 11/30/12 12:49 AM

I'm convinced this man only has one shirt.

BGP 11/30/12 12:55 AM

Now with a fullband his music just sounds like every other band out there. Hope this doesn't last.