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Jason Tate 11/29/12 04:52 PM

Vonnegutt Post New Video Featuring Will Pugh (Cartel)
Vonnegutt's new video for "Knock" featuring Will Pugh (Cartel) can be found in the replies.

Jason Tate 11/29/12 04:53 PM

saywhatever 11/29/12 05:16 PM

Why does this keep happening.

xioner 11/29/12 05:17 PM

Don't like the clean vocals this feat. wasn't so good imo.

PunkInfluence09 11/29/12 05:33 PM

Vonnegutt put on one hell of a show at Warped '11. Not exactly a fan of this song, but it's far from the worst thing I've ever heard.

PigDestroyer 11/29/12 05:47 PM

It's like the emo version of Vanilla Ice's nu metal album but worse

Mikeallover 11/29/12 06:11 PM

Chorus is catchy as hell.

Hojonny 11/29/12 06:45 PM

irthesteve 11/29/12 06:54 PM

god, i want a new cartel album so bad

JawsTheme182 11/29/12 07:51 PM

Jesus did a fourth grader write the lyrics in that chorus?

Christian Wagner 11/29/12 08:11 PM

Love these dudes! Miss them a ton. Song rules.

SmeezyBeezy 11/29/12 08:28 PM

And here I was thinking a band named Vonnegutt would be good.

blindrider529 11/29/12 09:29 PM

hmmm...having a hard time taking this seriously. The whole thing just seems very cheesy and forced.

Oh, well. Love Cartel and want more.

NorthstarPark 11/29/12 09:51 PM

A white rock band with a white rapper. Wow this has never been done before.

llluminate 11/29/12 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by SmeezyBeezy (Post 115914482)
And here I was thinking a band named Vonnegutt would be good.

Was going to listen to them just because of the name. Not worth it I'm guessing?