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Christian Wagner 11/30/12 06:14 AM

Featured Stream: Safe
Today I want to spotlight a track called "Hear Our Song" from an incredible band called Safe from NY. Channeling the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Hot Rod Circuit, and Hey Mercedes, Safe is a throwback to early 2000s emo-rock that I love so much. I'm sure many of the site's more seasoned readers will appreciate the band as well. The band just released its debut full-length Cinematic Ocean which you can grab on iTunes and make sure you listen to "Hear Our Song" on the group's AP.net profile. Leave your thoughts in the replies.

GetUpAndrew 11/30/12 06:59 AM

Very cool stuff.

bluecrunchy 11/30/12 07:00 AM

Ah man, I miss this sound. Great track.

ugman_2000 11/30/12 07:23 AM

Sounds great

luckisoverrated 11/30/12 08:07 AM

Nice. I think someone in Polar Bear Club posted a tweet about these guys the other day...

lovenna10001 11/30/12 09:57 AM

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InfiniteArms 11/30/12 07:30 PM

this song is pretty great

more heart 12/01/12 12:13 AM

This is really, really good. Reminds me of what Diamond Youth is doing right now.

So-Crates 12/01/12 02:32 PM

love it

onautolux 12/01/12 03:12 PM

Safe will be on all of Fireworks' holiday shows:

jrtbighurt 12/03/12 01:58 PM

I like this.