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SomethingClever 11/30/12 01:27 PM

The Bar Series
Jenny Scarsdale think she's the next big thing! An aspiring documentary filmmaker, she sets her sights on exposing the mob. Jenny's big break comes when she becomes the manager at a mafia owned bar in Queens with plans to uncover the truth. Things don't go her way when her position is threatened by another new employee, Sky. Now, Jenny must balance investigating the Mob while competing with an overweening Sky in order to become manager and finish what she started.

I posted a while back when we had a trailer but I figured i'd write a thread since the entire first season just wrapped. It's an 8 episode comedy series. Episodes range between 4 and 7 minutes. You can see all 8 here: http://www.thebarseries.com/The_Bar_.../Episodes.html - the newest one is on the homepage.