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Keagan Ilvonen 12/01/12 06:14 PM

Oldschool Unseen Fall Out Boy Footage Hits The Web
Chris Gutierrez has uploaded a video of Fall Out Boy performing "Dead on Arrival" and "Reinventing The Wheel to Run Myself Over" from way back in 2002. You can check it out in the replies. Also, if Chris gets 3,000 followers on his Twitter, he'll upload FOB's set from the metro after they released Take This To Your Grave.

Keagan Ilvonen 12/01/12 06:14 PM

Keagan Ilvonen 12/01/12 06:16 PM

"We've got some merch over there..."

TSTLSOOM 12/01/12 06:22 PM

this lineup rules

billyboatkid 12/01/12 06:23 PM

That's pretty cool.

RussVanderhoof 12/01/12 06:27 PM

fuck yea.~

gr33ndayfr3ak 12/01/12 06:32 PM

"Hey Chris, we love you for this."

kskillzz 12/01/12 06:49 PM

Why wouldn't he just release the entire set? This was cool to watch though

steve187 12/01/12 06:51 PM

say no to twitter follow hostage negotiations

but seriously just release them vidz and why did you wait 10 years

letsgoflyers 12/01/12 06:52 PM

that was amazing...so cool to see them when they were just a 'local' band.

Alex DiVincenzo 12/01/12 06:52 PM

I just came here to post this. Really cool, save for not releasing the entire set.

kidinthebushes 12/01/12 06:54 PM

I'd love to see that set from The Metro.

kidinthebushes 12/01/12 06:56 PM


Originally Posted by TSTLSOOM (Post 115980822)
this lineup rules

Who else played?

Manufactured Dreams 12/01/12 06:56 PM

Hey Chris :-)

iden22 12/01/12 06:58 PM

Wow, Joe and Patrick were only 17/18 there. This is incredibly cool.