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Ryan Gardner 12/02/12 08:23 AM

What Was In Our Mailbox?
Looking for some new music? Head to the replies to see what was submitted to AP.net recently.

Ryan Gardner 12/02/12 08:24 AM

Waking Theo - Reborn (release date - 11th February)
Metal from UK (RIYL: Bleed From Within, Architects, August Burns Red)

Open To Fire - Open To Fire (release date - November 19th 2012)
Punk / Indie Rock from England (RIYL: The Gaslight Anthem, Oasis, Brand New)

Picture Me Broken - Mannequins (release date 12/18)
Screamo / Post-Hardcore / Hard Rock from CA

Employed To Serve - Long Time Dead (release date: 17 September 2012)
Post-Hardcore / Powerviolence from London, UK (RIYL: Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, The Chariot)

Julyornever - Autumn (Release date: 9th November 2012)
Pop Punk from North Wales, United Kingdom (RIYL: Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Fall Out Boy)

The Glass Child - Letdown / Who Am I (release date: Letdown - Nov 5 / Who Am I - Nov 27)
Alternative Pop from Sweden (RIYL: Lykke Li, Juliet Simms, Paramore, Bjork)

Future Diamonds - Future Diamonds (Release date: 02/2013)
Hip-Hop from California/Maryland (RIYL: The Cloudmakers, Morbidly-o-Beats, Greencarpetedstairs)

American Wolf - Myriad (release date: Feb 2013)
Indie / Rock / Ambient from Chicago, IL (RIYL: Beach House, Elliott Smith, Manchester Orchestra, Brand New)

Modern Baseball - Sports (release date: 11/27/2012)
Indie-Punk / Emo from Philadelphia, PA (RIYL: The Front Bottoms, Say Anything, The Sidekicks)

Treasure Fleet - Future Ways (Release date: November 30th, 2012)
Punk from Illinois (RIYL: Arrivals, Lawrence Arms, Smoking Popes, Sass Dragons)

Vintage Kicks / Scooba - Copycats Split (release date: Nov 30th 2012)
Garage / Surf Punk from New Jersey/Philadelphia (RIYL: Weezer, Vampire Weekend, The Cars, The Clash)

Wires Under Tension - Replicant (release date: 11/13/2012)
Post-Rock / Experimental / New Music from Bronx, New York

Sons of Paterson - Juicy (The Notorious B.I.G. Cover) (release date: November 13th, 2012)
Alternative / Hip/Hop / Hype Rock from New Jersey (RIYL: The Roots, Gym Class Heroes, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Secret Lie - Behind the Truth (release date – 19 October 2012)
Rock Gothic from Portugal from RIYL: Him, Evanescence)

Brave Baby - Forty Bells (release date: January 15, 2013)
Indie Rock from South Carolina (RIYL: Arcade Fire, Fleetwood Mac, Bon Iver)

Wiggler !?! and the Tiny Humans - Scornucopia (release date: November 23, 2012)
Garage Punk from Hamilton, ON, Canada

Sorrows Path - The Rough Path of Nihilism (Release date: October 29, 2010)
Power / Doom Metal from Greece (RIYL: Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Black Sabbath, Memento Mori, Forsaken, Fates Warning, Deep Purple)

Farewell From The Gallows - Luck of the Draw (release date: November 16th, 2012)
Melodic Metalcore from Indiana (RIYL: A Life Once Lost, Killswitch Engage, and A Day To Remember)

Fur - Image On The Reverse (release date: December, 15 2012)
Alternative from Michigan (RIYL: The Cure, Joy Division, Depeche Mode)

Tani Ghaffarsedeh - Fantasy (release date: 01/11/2012)
Experimental Classical from London/UK

Various Artists - Homesick Records Presents: Welcome To Jersey (release date: 25th November 2012)
Alternative from England (RIYL: The Dangerous Summer, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Converge, Blink 182, Newton Faulkner)

Wasted Struggle - Guillotines (release date: 2th of November, 2012)
Hardcore from Budapest, Hungary (RIYL: Converge, Cursed, Rise and Fall)

Sounddrug - Noparts (release date: 11/21/2012)
Rock / Alternative from California

Giant X - I (release date 1/22)
Hard Rock from Germany (RIYL: Running Wild)

Cut - Cut (release date: Feb 5, 2013)
Indie / Alternative from California (RIYL: Cake, The Cure)

Scarlet Embrace - Scarlet Embrace (Release Date: August 2012)
Alternative Rock from Buffalo, New York

Triple Hex - EP (release date: 01/01/13)
Rock / Goth / Garage from New York (RIYL: The Stooges, The Cramps, Bauhaus)

Rappin' Danny - This Wall Got Bass (Release date: April 2012)
Rock / Rap / Metal / Hip Hop from Las Vegas, Nevada

GreaterGhost - Fear the Distance (Release date: 2nd November 2012)
Alternative from UK (RIYL: Thrice, Moving Mountains, As cities Burn, Gates, Athletics, Coheed and Cambria)

Launch Control - Cardiac Arrest (release date: 18/12/12)
Punk Rock from UK (RIYL: Rise Against, MXPX, Allister, The Black Pacific)

Emergency Service - Emergency Service (release date: November 13th)
Pop-Rock / Hip-Hop / Reggae from New York City (RIYL: Gym Class Heroes, OAR, The Script and Dave Matthews Band)

Be Easy - I Hope You Hear Me (release date: December 18, 2012)
Pop-Punk / Indie Rock from Georgia (RIYL: Saves The Day, Brand New, Man Overboard)

Recovery Council - Plan-Do-Check-Act (release date 1/15/13)
Rock from New Jersey

Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell (release date: 1/22/13)
Metal from Germany

Heat Dust - Heat Dust (release date: 12/01/12)
Grungy Rock from New Orleans, LA (RIYL: Mudhoney, Unwound, Nirvana)

We're Doomed - How to Destroy Something Beautiful (release date: Oct 2nd, 2012)
Progressive Rock from Canada (RIYL: The Fall of Troy, The Mars Volta, Mastodon & Circa Survive)

Jamie Woolford - A Framed Life in Charming Light (release date: Jan 15)
Indie Rock from Phoenix, AZ (RIYL: The Stereo, Death Cab For Cutie, Jimmy Eat World)

The Antics - Running Faster (release date – November 19, 2012)
Indie / Post-Punk from New Jersey (RIYL: The Clash, Joy Division)

Ideophonic - Where the Desert Ends (release date: 10/27/12)
Indie Rock from TX

Desoto Jones - Shapeshifter (Release date: 10/23/2012)
Alternative from Philadelphia, PA (RIYL: Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Jimmy Eat World, The Damnwells)

Veronica Falls - Waiting for Something to Happen (release date: 02 12 13)
Shoegaze from UK (RIYL: Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls, Crocodiles)

These Days - Souls (release date: 22/11/12)
Pop-Rock / Pop-Punk from United Kingdom (RIYL: Futures, Jimmy Eat World, Gaslight Anthem, Crime in Stereo)

Emo Headache - Citizen Shit
Emo from Raleigh, NC (RIYL: Sickboy Milkplus, Tweencore)

Her Bright Skies - Rivals (release date: November 19th)
Rock from Jönköping, Sweden

Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Para Vista Social Club (release date: November 27, 2012)
http://criticalheights.com/index.php...=00 000000981
Slacker Pop / Indie Rock from Australia (RIYL: The Velvet Underground, The Twerps, Pavement)

Dream Boat - Eclipsing (release date: December 4, 2012)
Psych-Folk from Georgia (RIYL: Beach House, Bon Iver, Julianna Barwick)

Jamestown Story - Show Me Tomorrow (release date: 12/12/12)
Alternative / Acoustic from Nashville, TN/Minneapolis, MN (RIYL: John Mayer, Mumford and Sons, The Civil Wars)

Kenelis - Move (release date: 10th Decemeber)
Punk / Rock / Grunge from Brighton, UK (RIYL: Nirvana, Rise Against, Hole, Billy Talent)

Vince Roy - Unreasoning Animals (release date: November 3, 2012)
Hardcore / Punk from Cleveland, Ohio

The Crooks - Eighty Eight (release date: September 3, 2012)
Bluesy Classic Rock / Indie from Philadelphia

HookerClops - I No Bueno! (release date: 3/2/2012)
Rock N Roll from Massachusetts

Onward Chariots - This Is My Confession (release date: January 29, 2013)
Indie Rock from NY (RIYL: of Montreal, XTC, Belle and Sebastian)

John Warren and the Tin Can Collective - We Still Got All Summer (release date: November 26th 2012)
http://johnwarrentincancollective.bandcamp .com/
Indie / Folk / Rock from Long Island, New York (RIYL: Laura Stevenson and the Cans, The Nelsonvillains, Modest Mouse, Cat Power)

Matte Black - Renaissance (release date: 11/25/2012)
R&B / Indie from Portland, OR (RIYL: Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Miguel)

Vaudeville - Vendetta (release date: June 5th 2012)
Art Rock / Alternative / Experimental Rock from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Placid - It's Not Over
Alternative Rock from Germany (RIYL: Placebo, Yellowcard)

The Ongoing Concept - Saloon (release date: January 8th, 2013)
Rock from Idaho

Dallassallad - Meth (release date: Nov 29, 2012)
Punk / Grindcore from FL

Marlon Vincent - The Introduction (release date: November 23rd, 2012)

Jonny Pecker and the Beaver Bustin' Pickle Weasels - Sex Stallion (release date: 9/4/2012)
Hard Rock from Texas (RIYL: Motorhead, Clutch, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster)

Sharing Out Loud - Nightlight (release date: January 24th 2013)
Rock / Pop-rock from Halden, Norway

Ryan Gardner 12/02/12 08:24 AM

Feel free to provide additional information, personal opinions, or a request for a review in this thread.

PM Linda Ferreira if you would be interested in writing a user review for any of these.

If you would like to be included in this listing for next week, email reviews@absolutepunk.net.

Previous mailbox listings can be found here: http://www.absolutepunk.net/forumdisplay.php?f=148

InaGreendase 12/02/12 09:16 AM

The comparisons for that American Wolf song are actually not that far off. Sounds like Manchester Orchestra trying to play dream pop. Pretty cool.

onelastgasping 12/02/12 01:39 PM

If anyone would like to review "Myriad" by American Wolf, i'll send you a copy of it for free

AReiss 12/02/12 03:55 PM

Not mentioned here, but you guys should definitely review Great Lakes USA's new LP and the new Run, Forever LP.

Amongster 12/02/12 06:03 PM

The American Wolf tune is great sleepy time music. The Tales Of Kamanakera album they released earlier this year was pretty dope as well.

Tani Ghaffarsedeh is worth checking out if you're into the scores from LOST or thriller movies. I really think she would flourish composing for film and television, and I mean that as a true compliment.

Emo Headache is some of the worst and most confusing music. Don't bother clicking the link.