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Alex DiVincenzo 12/02/12 11:22 AM

Cruel Hand Release "Cheap Life" Video
Watch Cruel Hand's music video for "Cheap Life" in the replies.

Alex DiVincenzo 12/02/12 11:22 AM

GetUpAndrew 12/02/12 12:39 PM

Cool stuff. They sound to me like a cross between Trash Talk and Comeback Kid Turn It Around-era.

howthegodschill 12/02/12 01:26 PM

They sound like every other No Warning rip off band.

mattyrocks 12/02/12 02:02 PM


NickIsI 12/02/12 03:28 PM

Love this band. Love this song. Can't wait for a new full length.

InaGreendase 12/02/12 05:38 PM

Individual context is an interesting thing.

MATTY-AL4W 12/04/12 12:59 PM