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Alex DiVincenzo 12/02/12 01:04 PM

The World We Knew Break Up
The World We Knew are breaking up. Watch the video announcement in the replies.

Alex DiVincenzo 12/02/12 01:04 PM

brook183 12/02/12 02:21 PM

So the world is ending.

OdeToTheSun 12/02/12 03:17 PM

I like how they hyped up an announcement like it was going to be something good, but it was this.
Saw them with Rose Funeral earlier this year and they were really good, so this sucks, but at least there's going to be a last tour/new band.

kcpunk 12/02/12 03:42 PM

It's The End Of The World We Knew (And I Feel Fine)

leftapart 12/02/12 03:52 PM

Onto a new world then, huh?

msulliv7 12/02/12 08:07 PM

Do they still play 'Passion' live?

therookielot 12/03/12 06:37 AM

This wasn't supposed to happen until December 21?