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Kelly Doherty 12/02/12 01:42 PM

Real Friends - Three Songs About The Past Year Of My Life EP
Real Friends - Three Songs About The Past Year Of My Life EP
Record Label: Self Released
Release Date: November 13, 2012

Real Friends is a name that we’ve been hearing a lot about recently. The Chicago five-piece have been making waves in the scene in recent months and there is certainly reason for this. Their debut EP, Everyone That Dragged You Here was full of promise and potential, and its follow up, Acoustic Songs was little more than a stopgap between releases, however, Three Songs About The Past Year Of My Life is Real Friends’ chance to make good on their promise.

Make good they do. Three Songs... is the perfect pop punk EP. It’s made up of three honest, catchy tracks that will bounce out of the traps and into the hearts of the pop punk fans of the world. “Dirty Water” is an organic feeling catchy opener with a fresh, but tired air to it. The lyrics, whilst somewhat simplistic, have a relatability to them that is irrepressible and incredibly likable. They also have an honesty to them that sets Real Friends apart from others. Lyrics such as “I said I'm selfish, I'm a liar and I'm broken/ Shit runs through my head everyday that I would never tell anyone” have a self deprecating quality to them that gives the band a particular personality. “Hebron” has a youthful naivete to it which is utterly irresistible, Slow and winding, the track is driven by unprotected vocals, sparse instrumentation, and highly conversational lyrics. Closer “Alexander Supertramp” is the shortest track of the release and is a fist pump inspiring bounce.

The only issue with this EP is that it lasts just over six minutes. Although they’ve given us so little to work with, Real Friends have already given us the hints of an excellent band to come. Within a few tracks, they’ve turned into a band that could be just as well known or as popular as bands as loved as The Wonder Years. However, unless they release something more substantial soon, they might not be able to make us of the hype that already around them. Cannot wait for a full length.

Recommended If You LikeThe Wonder Years; Handguns; Citizen; youth

Additional Information Track Listing
1. Dirty Water
2. Hebron
3. Alexander Supertramp

Band Members
Kyle Fasel
Dave Knox
Dan Lambton
Brian Blake
Eric Haines


UglyMug 12/02/12 05:44 PM

Recommended if you like ICP, Nickleback, etc.

algae 12/02/12 08:14 PM

so big so quick.

don't make the joke, it's too obvious

GetUpAndrew 12/03/12 01:24 AM

Insanely good band, they need to release a full lenght record.

Christian Wagner 12/03/12 05:17 AM

Band is blowing up. Great for them.

ViTOP 12/03/12 07:41 AM


Originally Posted by Christian Wagner (Post 116035052)
Band is blowing up. Great for them.

YES, this makes me happy.

I watched kids go off in Upstate NY and NYC the following day..... it was awesome.

Johnny Minardi 12/03/12 07:48 AM

I like the 3 songs a lot

blackmold 12/03/12 08:08 AM

This was the first thing I'd heard from Real Friends and I feel that it's the perfect introduction to their music. Plus, ya know, it's up for a free (or name-your-price) download on their bandcamp, and that's always nice:


Edit: Good review, by the way. Short and to the point; just like this EP.

Cøltøn 12/03/12 08:56 AM

Definitely see these guys going in the direction of TWY. Alexander Supertramp specifically - sounds so much like TWY to me. Can't wait to hear more from these guys.

get up kidd 12/03/12 09:32 AM

First time listening, this is pretty dope. I dig the concept/title of the record. Cool stuff.

cubsml34 12/03/12 02:33 PM

A lot of my friends have seen them at local shows and are REALLY into them. Them and Knucklepuck are getting big, and both I feel could become staples in the scene (POZ had a feature on Knucklepuck and a stream of their EP, it's pretty good).

Archael 12/03/12 03:03 PM

love this band

haven't heard this one yet.

clove2873 12/03/12 05:02 PM

I'm so stoked on this EP and Everyone That Dragged You here. I can't get enough of it lately. Bring on a US tour! I'd kill to see these guys.

mycol 12/03/12 10:56 PM

Isn't This Is Honesty their debut EP?

Jaytothesyg 12/04/12 10:41 AM

I didn't like this band at first but now I like them a lot. Definitely gonna get pretty big