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Voguerista 12/03/12 09:06 AM

Post Your Favorite Christmas Songs!
Here's my current favorite! I think the vocals, piano, and violins are out of this world beautiful....


aboyandhiscurse 12/03/12 11:00 AM

not enough "yule shoot your eye out" in this thread

(the joke is that every post in this thread should be yule shoot your eye out)

imchriswalken 12/03/12 01:25 PM

Iwasagreendino 12/03/12 02:22 PM


ChelseaRiane 12/03/12 03:19 PM

Cøltøn 12/03/12 03:43 PM

esposimi 12/03/12 09:17 PM

Alex DiVincenzo 12/03/12 10:15 PM

JeffreyHammonds 12/03/12 10:34 PM

surette 12/03/12 10:48 PM

blink-182 - i won't be home for christmas
fall out boy - yule shoot your eye out
acceptance - so this is christmas

jess' man 12/03/12 10:50 PM


Scott Hutchison notes: It's Christmas is about people deciding to be pleasant to one another for about a day, regardless of whether or not they actually get along the rest of the year. There's the same fallout after christmas as perhaps a night out where you end up in someone else's bed - the next day, after the drink has worn off and the warm lights are turned off, everything's just as shit as it was the day before and that feeling of comfort disappears. I feel like i have a similar relationship with christmas as i do with booze. Each make me feel nice in a fairly false way, and they are really the only two things i actually spend money on, aside from food. Its also about that total indulgence period, which always comes with the promise that you'll eat less, drink less and spend less really, really soon... always tomorrow. I feel its maybe healthier to live a little more consistently (not that i do), but often humans need excuses to be nice and giving and loving to one another, and Christmas is one of those times, for better or worse.

Voguerista 12/04/12 06:52 AM

Awesome! Thanks all! Keep them coming and here's another. This is the most beautiful version of Silent Night I've ever heard especially the last third of it. It could be in a movie score. It's so pretty....


honestkyle 12/04/12 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by surette (Post 116076712)
blink-182 - i won't be home for christmas
fall out boy - yule shoot your eye out
acceptance - so this is christmas

I won't be home for christmas, yes!

ChelseaRiane 12/04/12 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by JeffreyHammonds (Post 116076222)

This song is so cute

xJesusFreakx 12/04/12 03:37 PM

"O Come Emmanuel"
"This is War" by Dustin Kensrue