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Christian Wagner 12/03/12 09:31 AM

Thief Club (Nick Of Hit The Lights) Releases New Song
Thief Club (Nick of Hit The Lights) released a new song called "The First Place." Listen to it here.

danTHEman32 12/03/12 10:04 AM

That was beautifully depressing. I will forever support whatever this dude does.

pepster50 12/03/12 10:06 AM

prettygood. I liked the other 2 better

nickthehick2 12/03/12 10:11 AM

Hit the Lights was always so upbeat and happy. I never would have thought he had stuff like this written. I like it

MJSchmidt 12/03/12 11:36 AM

Very unfortunate story that created this song. Crazy drunk story in his blog as well. I have supported Nick and HTL for a while and the thing I have always appreciated more than their good tunes is their honesty. Bought the song having not heard it being at work, but I know it will be good. I feel good supporting him and his projects.

bladerdude360 12/03/12 12:45 PM

I like the song. I can see how it might not have fit in with some HTL stuff, but I dig it. Thanks for sharing!

Kerplunk_23 12/03/12 12:50 PM

This song is amazing,Nick has such great vocals and writes some good stuff.

George_mm 12/03/12 01:02 PM

Like this more than alot of htl stuff

billyboatkid 12/03/12 01:44 PM

Wow just listened all of them. Loved them. Stoked and how good these are.

Rysker6 12/03/12 02:39 PM

These songs could totally be HTL songs, I have really high hopes for their next record.

_thisisme* 12/03/12 03:02 PM

Im really digging the Thief Club stuff! Always loved everything the HTL guys released, but these songs really speak to me for some reason. Maybe its the honesty. Don't know but I love this!

brothemighty 12/03/12 04:31 PM


*dannyg* 12/03/12 05:13 PM

I can't stop listening to these songs, I'm blown away. Its a different side of Nick, but I love it.

TSLataris 12/03/12 05:27 PM

I like this stuff more than HTL. Superb song.

Ryan Gardner 12/03/12 07:01 PM

Nick sounds great on this one