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Jay Nainav 12/03/12 10:43 AM

SPIN's Top 50 Albums Of 2012
SPIN posted its list of the best albums of 2012, which starts with fun. at #50.

jordalsh 12/03/12 10:45 AM

FUN SHOULD BE HIGHER, but seriously, it should.

Steve Alcala 12/03/12 10:47 AM

Bleh not a humongous Fun fan but in no world should they get beaten by Minaj

circletheworld 12/03/12 10:48 AM

i'm ok with that last.. happy to see Death Grips and Cloud Nothings high up on it

anthonydarko 12/03/12 10:50 AM


GetUpAndrew 12/03/12 10:53 AM

Deftones should be higher.

CluckyB 12/03/12 10:53 AM

Nice to see Celebration Rock at #3. Didn't like (or didn't listen to) pretty much everything else on the list though.

nowFace 12/03/12 10:55 AM

Glad Deftones made the cut, but I completely disagree with Niki Minaj being on there at all. If anything this list just makes me want to finally listen to Kendrick Lamar and Japandroids.

ghelms88 12/03/12 10:57 AM

Looks like there are a few albums I missed out on in 2012.

tomtom94 12/03/12 10:58 AM

Cue another debate on how Some Nights is overrated/underrated...

swboyd 12/03/12 11:01 AM

It's 50th in a pretty popular, if not slightly irrelevant, music publication. That ain't nothing to argue with about outside of the AP bubble. If anything, I'd actually like to see AP highlight the list a bit more other than saying, "fun. is 50th. Carry on." Not a big fan of that mentality.

harveyn590 12/03/12 11:03 AM

This is the first list Ive seen fun. on. Cool of Spin not to be too pretentious and include it.

Stephin_DC 12/03/12 11:04 AM

As with most end of the year lists ... absolutely no recognition of "scene / underground" music. If I don't see mewithoutYou or The Menzingers mentioned than the entire list immediately looses its credibility with me.

Sidebar: Glad Japandroids are getting the recognition they deserve

irthesteve 12/03/12 11:09 AM

oops, looks like they entered their list backwards!

JayDanielHammer 12/03/12 11:12 AM