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Jason Tate 12/03/12 11:49 AM

Stream New Matt Skiba and the Sekrets EP
You can stream the new Matt Skiba and the Sekrets EP on PureVolume.

randys950 12/03/12 12:16 PM

excited to hear how this sounds

ADAY86 12/03/12 12:26 PM

The acoustic tracks are pretty awesome.

GetUpAndrew 12/03/12 02:32 PM

Good stuff.

Joaly 12/03/12 03:08 PM

The first album wasn't bad at all. Miss Alkaline a little, though.

J.Dick 12/03/12 04:15 PM

What a useless release.

richrad 12/03/12 09:27 PM

The sekret is that all of Skiba's blood has been replaced with heroin.

codeseven 12/03/12 11:07 PM

Eh, I definitely prefer the Haven't You demo to this full-band one.