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Jason Tate 12/03/12 01:23 PM

Youth Lagoon Finish Album
The new Youth Lagoon album is finished.

Submitted by Debut_Fin

Siren 12/03/12 01:35 PM

This is awesome news. So excited to see what he did with this one. The Year Of Hibernation was my favorite album last year.

The Gryphonator 12/03/12 01:38 PM

Yeah I loved The Year of Hibernation. Hopefully he expands upon his sound a bit with this album. I don't want to hear any more of those fake hand claps

EndlessPrisoner 12/03/12 01:40 PM

Will listen.

grimis16 12/03/12 01:55 PM

cool, looking forward to it

Kyle Thrash 12/03/12 03:06 PM

This will be good

Holly HoX! 12/03/12 03:31 PM

Damn. Right on.

ibelieveinjake 12/03/12 03:49 PM

Awesome. Excited to see what he does.

StepsInADance 12/03/12 04:01 PM

Hmm... we'll see if he manages to become more than a buzz artist.

leftapart 12/03/12 05:30 PM


Shatter_Glass 12/03/12 09:25 PM

Complete with Owl City collabo

benjgrimm 12/03/12 10:22 PM

I’m very interested in hearing this. Year of the Hibernation was a solid album.

manwithoutwax 12/04/12 09:33 AM

AHHH I'm so STOKED for this!!!! The Year of Hibernation was such a great album! Can't wait to see where he takes this.

isntnikione 12/05/12 06:19 AM

look forward to hearing this. makes lovely study music.

mattdefillippo 12/05/12 08:47 AM