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Jason Tate 12/03/12 01:25 PM

Uggs Make Ugly Ass Products
Uggs are releasing earmuff headphones. 10 to 1, Joe Deandrea has these on pre-order.

Submitted by mr_raccoon

crutchfield 12/03/12 01:30 PM

Uggs makes some amazing slippers and moccasins for guys. Nice boots for girls too. These headphones seem pointless though.

Joe DeAndrea 12/03/12 01:30 PM



t00latef0rr0ses 12/03/12 01:42 PM

ill buy these.

AussieBoy 12/03/12 01:44 PM

From Australia

provee 12/03/12 01:49 PM

Beatz by Ugg

grimis16 12/03/12 01:51 PM

Their boots are hideous, but if you deal with negative degree weather like I do, having headphones in the form of earmuffs is a pretty good idea.

suicidalmoose 12/03/12 01:58 PM


drudo182 12/03/12 02:00 PM


hiya 12/03/12 02:05 PM

Juicy Couture has had these for like 2 years now, not that that's any better but yeah. I'm pretty sure they sell like crappy ones a lot of places too.

CavanaughPark 12/03/12 02:06 PM

yay can't wait xoxo

EastCoastVans 12/03/12 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by provee (Post 116048882)
Beatz by Ugg

made me lol

Anthony Sorendino 12/03/12 02:18 PM

Not bad, but too seasonal.

MJSchmidt 12/03/12 02:21 PM

There is nothing I like about this company. Normal headphones will work for me.

incognitojones 12/03/12 02:23 PM

Ugg boots are really awesome, but I still thought these would be really dumb.They actually look really cute tho, another accessory for adorable girls is never a problem with me <3