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Jason Tate 12/03/12 02:12 PM

Secretive Yellowcard Happenings
Yellowcard began work on something super secret today. So un-helpful.

Anthony Sorendino 12/03/12 02:16 PM

New Album

SA Acoustic

Ocean Avenue ten year anniversary tour.

Rysker6 12/03/12 02:16 PM


MJSchmidt 12/03/12 02:18 PM

Guessing Ocean Ave 10-year tour or a DVD.

underdawg1119 12/03/12 02:22 PM

Imagine it has something to do with the OA anniversary as well.

irthesteve 12/03/12 02:22 PM

Yellowcard Orgy Party

Goat01 12/03/12 02:24 PM

holiday track or Anniversary tour

guitarguy211 12/03/12 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by Explode (Post 116049922)
New Album

SA Acoustic

Ocean Avenue ten year anniversary tour.

In order of likeliness #3, #2, then #1.

Any are good in my book though.

jordalsh 12/03/12 02:31 PM

They said earlier this year that they wouldn't be doing SA acoustic so I think we can rule that one out.

tomtom94 12/03/12 02:31 PM

My first thought was Southern Air acoustic but they've released several songs from that already so it wouldn't be "starting".

Yeah, I reckon OA ten year anniversary.

zachff 12/03/12 02:33 PM

OA 10 year, since they already said they won't be doing an acoustic album for SA.

GetUpAndrew 12/03/12 02:34 PM


therookielot 12/03/12 02:37 PM


Originally Posted by irthesteve (Post 116050192)
Yellowcard Orgy Party

I think it's this

kidinthebushes 12/03/12 02:44 PM

They're bringing Ben back into the band.

Lightsout911X 12/03/12 02:53 PM

Go Wings.