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Alex DiVincenzo 12/03/12 02:49 PM

Lemuria to Enter Studio on Wednesday
Lemuria will enter the studio with producer J Robbins on December 5th to begin recording their third album. The effort will be released in 2013 via Bridge Nine Records.

Amongster 12/03/12 03:08 PM

xdifference88x 12/03/12 03:36 PM

neat. excited to hear this.

heyzombiehitler 12/03/12 05:04 PM

Hopefully it has less alex vocals. I dont mind the dude but sheena rules.

craigisashark 12/03/12 07:51 PM

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. great producer to be involved

signal to noise 12/03/12 09:05 PM

good pick for them.

skibby15 12/04/12 09:23 AM


Deartragedy88 12/05/12 07:15 AM

I'm ready for some new tunes from Lemuria.

tefarez 12/08/12 07:11 PM