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Drew Beringer 12/03/12 03:30 PM

ATTN: Bands and Industry Folk - We Want Your Lists!
Just a reminder to all bands and industry folk - it's the beginning of December and we're continuing to build up our "end of the year" database, as we've done each year, and we want your lists! If you're in a band, work for a label, or are involved in the industry - we want to feature your favorite albums of the year in our end of the year brouhaha. We've made it super simple again this year: just email us your lists here and make sure you make it clear who the list is for (ie: if you're in a band - is it a band list, or is it an individual band member list?). We'll compile everything together, and post it all around the new year.

Please note: This feature is for industry related folk and bands, only. If you're a member/reader/special person of the website, we have a place created specially for you to post your top albums of 2012 lists.

TerrancePryor 12/03/12 11:24 PM

I would kill to hear some industrial folk bands. Skinny Puppy mixed with Bob Dylan. Daamn.

ihaterobd 12/04/12 10:21 PM

i put in my list!