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Christian Wagner 12/04/12 09:45 PM

The Fresh Clothing Donating Proceeds To Maker
The Fresh Clothing will be donating proceeds from its grab bag sales to help benefit Maker after its van accident. You can use "GETWELLMAKER" at checkout for 10% off the grab bag item. You can view the grab bag here.

RyanWilliam 12/04/12 11:17 PM

Great Brand, Great Band. The Soroka Bros. doing big things.

catamaran 12/05/12 08:06 AM


bradfoshoo 12/05/12 09:08 AM

gonna buy a package. good band, plus for $12 bucks you can't go wrong. just hope i dont get a hat!

ViTOP 12/05/12 01:53 PM

Big Soroka Backer !!

I'm glad so may friends are coming to aid Maker.

DemBitties 12/05/12 06:51 PM

The Sorokas are A+ dudes.

Going to throw all my money at Eric when he plays the Major League release show on December 27th in Freehold.