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Max_123 12/05/12 11:34 PM

NFL Gameday Week 14
Here is a list of the full week 14 schedule

Watch every game live, for free, at this website
Check out which games will be shown in your area with this map

loveisdead 12/05/12 11:40 PM

Subbing. Excited for tomorrow's game.

SwiftSilentDead 12/05/12 11:42 PM

Ha, if the Panthers somehow beat the Falcons, I will change my avatar to a picture of Drew Brees for the rest of the year.

a nice person 12/05/12 11:52 PM

Trying to get time off to make the 400 mile trip to the Niners-Dolphins game.

blimpcityhero11 12/06/12 12:34 AM

Thomas Louis 12/06/12 01:51 AM

Go Bills.

porttheman 12/06/12 06:39 AM

Go Broncos!

Recovery Room 12/06/12 06:55 AM

'Skins, of course!

Really need the Bengals and Saints to win too. If the Cardinals would like to pull the upset, that'd be greatly appreciated as well. No chance.

kyle is hk 12/06/12 07:29 AM


spiffa0 12/06/12 07:38 AM

Hope the Steelers can rattle off four straight wins and ride momentum into the playoffs

Dustin Harkins 12/06/12 07:59 AM

Go Cowboys, Falcons, and Saints!

Chris Yates 12/06/12 08:27 AM

Go Falcons! Avoid the trap game!

lp670sv 12/06/12 08:39 AM

Actually get to watch the Bills play this weekend so that's cool I guess. Go rams.

Shakriel 12/06/12 09:08 AM

Go Skins!

ArTkY_ 12/06/12 10:05 AM

we're probably gonna lose.