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TJ Wells 12/06/12 06:23 AM

Random Entertainment Poll: 12/6/2012
Favorite Happy Endings character?

brandon_260 12/06/12 06:41 AM

This is hard. It was definitely Alex last season, but I haven't found her as funny this time around. Brad and Jane are both up there as well.

airik625 12/06/12 06:59 AM

Elisha Cuthbert = favorite everything and anything

daftpunker45 12/06/12 08:42 AM

Brad, then Penny.

incognitojones 12/06/12 01:20 PM

I'm not caught up, but Alex for what I've seen.

Cody Nelson 12/06/12 01:38 PM

Jane, no question. Dave would be second for me.

Star Slight 12/06/12 02:20 PM

Alex recently. She kills every scene. But really everyone on the show is fantastic

Mirrorsandfevers 12/06/12 03:27 PM

Max, Jane, or Alex. Went with Max.

Smash Adams 12/06/12 04:25 PM

Wilmer Valderondo got my vote

itsmesean0630 12/06/12 04:55 PM

Adam Pally is my bro (drug dealer).

ImTheSheriff 12/08/12 05:55 PM

was between Brad and Max, went Brad