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Christian Wagner 12/13/12 05:55 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Gamma Pulse Music Video
Today we are exclusively revealing Indianapolis, IN 6-piece Gamma Pulse's new video for "Collect & Colapse." It comes from the band's latest album, Dead But Dreaming, which showcases the band's ability to mix their hardcore, pop, and electronica roots. Head to the replies to watch the video for "Collect & Collapse" and leave your thoughts there as well.

Christian Wagner 12/13/12 05:55 AM

There is a long intro, so skip to 1:51 if you'd like to just get to the song.

XenoAbe 12/13/12 06:43 AM

Video is not very good, but the song is ok.

WeltallAY 12/13/12 07:33 AM

They have a song called Memories which is actually smooth, very cool.

Also, they're not really a big band so I was surprised at how big budget this seems.