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TJ Wells 12/21/12 06:30 AM

Random Entertainment Poll: 12/21/2012
Favorite Post-Apocalyptic film?

WakingTheMisery 12/21/12 07:03 AM

Waterworld. Plz reboot.

airik625 12/21/12 07:39 AM

Haven't seen a handful of those, but Children of Men was seriously under appreciated.

Full Effect Ed 12/21/12 07:52 AM

Escape From LA

sjb2k1 12/21/12 09:49 AM

out of the ones i've seen, children of men.

nowFace 12/21/12 10:49 AM

Almost went with 12 monkeys, but with COM on the list....it's over.

Alex DiVincenzo 12/21/12 12:00 PM

Does zombie apocalypse count? If so, Dawn of the Dead.

And the poll has a serious lack of Mad Max.

vivatoto56 12/21/12 01:32 PM

Children of Men

deanster321 12/21/12 01:32 PM

Logan's Run

domotime2 12/21/12 01:49 PM

children of men.

cshadows2887 12/21/12 11:09 PM

Picked Children of Men. But The Road Warrior and Escape from New York are RIGHT behind it.

Broken Parachute 12/21/12 11:29 PM

I went shamelessly with Planet of the Apes. Not the reboots. The originals.

suicidesaints 12/22/12 09:00 AM

chose Children of Men, because I too thought that it was underrated and needed some appreciation, but apparently it's NOT as underrated as I thought

Tetragrammaton 12/22/12 09:03 AM

Children of Men is great and all, but "La jetee" (La jetée) is a masterpiece.

cshadows2887 12/22/12 09:40 AM

La Jetee is great. And Gilliam's remake/expansion is rather good, too.