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Jack Appleby 12/21/12 04:49 PM

ABSOLUTExclusive: From Indian Lakes Christmas Song, EP Announcement
Our friends in From Indian Lakes wanted to give you a little Christmas ditty; grab a free download of their holiday tune, "I'll Be Home For Christmas," in the replies. We're also pleased to announce their Able Bodies Acoustic Sessions, an EP to be released next Monday for free/donations via Bandcamp. Check out the artwork in the comments and come back Monday to hear yet another new song.

Jack Appleby 12/21/12 04:49 PM

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Born_For_This 12/21/12 05:02 PM

Beautiful, as expected.

dmcaloon 12/21/12 05:13 PM

Love it

iconium 12/21/12 05:45 PM

this is the best news, merry christmas guys. sorry I didn't get you anything.

edit: I'LL TIP YOU

underdawg1119 12/21/12 06:19 PM

Fucking love this band so much.

Allstarme23 12/21/12 07:46 PM

this is simply amazing my album of the year and band of the year.

NateFoundGlory 12/22/12 12:08 AM

Fuck this is fantastic.

Oddly small amount of comments for this...

leftapart 12/22/12 12:21 AM

I won't be hooommme, I won't be home for Christmas!

Ryan Gardner 12/22/12 08:11 AM

Super eerie. Very unique Christmas song. Love

grimis16 12/22/12 12:19 PM

Favorite "new to me" band of the year

ConquerTheSound 12/22/12 06:21 PM

I like this song a lot.

phillipjacob 12/23/12 09:35 AM

Such a nice thing to do for the fans, I like this a lot too and cannot get enough of this band.

underdawg1119 12/24/12 11:16 AM

EP's up. http://fromindianlakes.bandcamp.com/releases

Fucking love this band. Would like to know where my Able Bodies LP is, though. Received all of the stuff in the deluxe package except the album, haha.

RussVanderhoof 12/24/12 01:49 PM

the best part of 2012 was listening to this band.~