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xkhiemster 12/22/12 01:51 AM

Hannibal (Bryan Fuller/NBC, 2013)
couldn't find a thread for this.

i read about it here http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/new...ne-cook-403686
but i guess this is more helpful http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hannibal_(TV_series)

kind of a weird combination considering Fuller's past shows have been more comedic, with of course undeniably dark undertones, but the fact that these are 13-ep seasons and he has a multi-season arc planned from the get-go, this is just too intriguing.

NBC will screw it up, though.

while i've seen Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies, all i've seen of the Hannibal films is Silence of the Lambs. what do you guys think of this combination?

irthesteve 12/22/12 01:58 AM

cautiously interested

TJ Wells 12/27/12 04:36 AM

Dead Like Me is one of my favorite shows of all time. I'm excited.

a speedo model 12/27/12 06:23 AM

Interested, we'll see I suppose..

WakingTheMisery 12/27/12 06:34 AM

I love Fuller but ehhh.

drudo182 12/27/12 07:27 AM

Didn't Gillian Anderson join the cast?

Whalejaw 12/27/12 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by drudo182 (Post 116982112)
Didn't Gillian Anderson join the cast?


Cody Nelson 12/27/12 01:45 PM

Bryan Fuller is the most innovative person in TV since Rod Serling, but I just don't really know what's left to say with this concept, especially as a semi-proceduralized cop show on a broadcast network. Will watch undoubtedly, but like others have said, a bit cautious; this could easily flop in more ways than bad ratings.

airik625 12/27/12 02:50 PM

Is this series I read about a while back that is going to have the bad guy from Casino Royale play Hannibal? If so, then count me in.

doxa_lu 01/19/13 12:53 PM

Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter

Smash Adams 02/14/13 10:18 PM

Airing Thursdays at 10 starting April 4th

airik625 02/15/13 10:18 AM

I think this definitely has potential with Mads Mikkelsen portraying Hannibal. I'm just worried about editing. Strong graphic content is obviously drive this series, so I hope it works out alright.

airik625 02/18/13 03:00 PM

Cody Nelson 02/18/13 03:01 PM

Trailer if it hasn't already been posted:

jusscali 02/18/13 03:43 PM

I love Hugh Dancy. Hoping this works, but I highly doubt it. Not sure what's left to be said, as iconic is the character is.