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Keagan Ilvonen 12/22/12 10:42 PM

We Are The In Crowd Cover Edwin McCain
You can find We Are The In Crowd's cover of Edwin McCain's "I'll Be" in the replies.

Keagan Ilvonen 12/22/12 10:42 PM

Epilogueboy 12/22/12 10:46 PM

Jordie, the master of harmony. Love these guys!!!

Joey-Wan Kenobi 12/22/12 10:56 PM

Between my crush on Tay and love of this song, I think id rather a studio version.

Daveyhavok832 12/22/12 11:16 PM

She doesn't sound too great.

Brandon Allin 12/22/12 11:35 PM

Not really a fan of this band, but it's nice to see bands covering songs that aren't top 40 hits right now.

xbobbybo 12/23/12 12:03 AM

easily one of my favorite songs. would of sounded a lot better if the guy didn't sing in this cover.

boomer08 12/23/12 03:07 AM

Every time I watch an acoustic video of these guys, Jordan's guitar sounds fucking creamy as hell

Kris_Gontz9 12/23/12 06:39 AM

I really love how it sounds, but i'd rather hear an studio version. This live LowQ recordings are wasted potential...

Alex DiVincenzo 12/23/12 07:14 AM

Sounds good

phillipjacob 12/23/12 09:42 AM

Their voices do compliment each other rather well.

ctigers92 12/23/12 09:58 AM

What type of guitar is playing? I like the tone a lot.

algae 12/23/12 10:46 AM

forreal these videos need to have better audio quality

earthtotom 12/23/12 02:57 PM

this guy is all wrist when he's strumming. looks kinda funny.

RyanWilliam 12/23/12 06:20 PM

Hey little girl, stop singing, i wanna hear the guy with the good voice.