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Alex DiVincenzo 12/23/12 02:41 PM

Rest In Peace Mike Scaccia
Mike Scaccia (Ministry, Rigor Mortis, The Revolting Cocks) passed away after collapsing from a seizure onstage in Texas last night. He was 47. Rest in peace.

cubsml34 12/23/12 02:42 PM

Wow how sad. RIP

PirateSkater182 12/23/12 02:47 PM

Whoooa, thats insane. Huge loss for the metal scene.

dannylololol 12/23/12 02:48 PM

Damn, RIP

ConnorCorruptNJ 12/23/12 02:59 PM

that's intense.

kidinthebushes 12/23/12 03:10 PM

That must have been terrifying for anyone present.

EvilZeppelin 12/23/12 03:35 PM

Some news reports say Scaccia was complaining about the strobe lights moments before collapsing.

YOUAREtehSCENE 12/23/12 03:52 PM

What a sight to see right in front of you, not knowing what the fuck is going on, CREEPy!

OctoberOrigins 12/23/12 03:57 PM

That sucks. :-(


foreversleeper 12/23/12 04:36 PM

So horrible. :( Rest in peace. I wonder if he had a history of seizures...

iAMhollyood315 12/23/12 05:12 PM

considering his history with drug abuse, this def could have contributed to his death at 47.

Geology Rocks! 12/23/12 06:59 PM

That's terrible. :(


5fikev 12/23/12 08:39 PM


Deartragedy88 12/23/12 10:13 PM

sad news RIP

pinkert0n 12/23/12 11:04 PM

heard about this this morning. awful. i love his work with Ministry, RCs, etc. RIP Mike :(