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Jake Denning 12/23/12 03:21 PM

Austin Carlile Can't Sleep
Head to the replies to watch Austin Carlile (Of Mice & Men) perform "O.C.D." alongside Suicide Silence at the recent Mitch Lucker Memorial Show. The show was filmed for a live DVD to be released in 2013.

Jake Denning 12/23/12 03:21 PM

Jake Denning 12/23/12 03:22 PM

Man, talk about going into BEAST MODE...

thatwasamoment 12/23/12 03:32 PM

looks like mitch. rip

shittykevinbaco 12/23/12 03:46 PM

Absolutely nailed it!

Alex DiVincenzo 12/23/12 03:55 PM

Glad they're doing a DVD. I hope at least a portion of the proceeds go to his daughter.

ConnorCorruptNJ 12/23/12 04:03 PM

I was really hoping this would be turned to a DVD. hopefully a live CD as well.

RandomGui 12/23/12 04:12 PM

Massive hats off to him. That was a beautiful performance.

BringdowN 12/23/12 04:24 PM

Everyone did a really good job, it was awesome. Minus Chad Gray.. He was not so great imo. Worsnop killed it!

sergioisevil 12/23/12 04:25 PM

I've never been too fond of him nor of his bands, but the man has a great scream and unmatchable stage presence. Kudos.

EastCoastVans 12/23/12 05:44 PM

Holy hell. He's really channeling Mitch's energy here.

Ohaidere 12/23/12 06:09 PM

This is what OM&M should turn themselves into.

billysurvive 12/23/12 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by EastCoastVans (Post 116884452)
Holy hell. He's really channeling Mitch's energy here.

That's exactly what I felt. I have to give Austin mad props on this one.

iseejosh 12/23/12 07:44 PM

He did a damn good job.

beauvais910 12/23/12 08:04 PM

Nice. Whole set is on the guys Youtube channel if anyone is interested.