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Dre Okorley 12/24/12 09:06 AM

RIP Capital Steez
RIP to Jamal Dewar aka Capital Steez of the Pro Era crew (Joey Badass, CJ Fly, and more) who died at the age of 19.

N. Hall 12/24/12 09:10 AM

Shit, man. Way too young. RIP.

Jeff_Ryan 12/24/12 09:13 AM

Haven't heard any of his stuff (Haven't even listened to Joey Badass yet tbh) but that's way too young. So sad.

Rob McWilliams 12/24/12 09:16 AM

Way too fucking young. RIP.

iAMhollyood315 12/24/12 09:17 AM

man that sucks, especially so close to christmas. sounds like a suicide

Dre Okorley 12/24/12 09:24 AM

^Exactly. I can't imagine how his family feels right now.

punchedbyagirl 12/24/12 09:33 AM

I can't imagine how the whole crew feels right now too. Just speechless.

Chris Collum 12/24/12 09:36 AM


PTVsnewO 12/24/12 09:42 AM

loved his lines on Killuminati on 1999, he had so much talent. RIP

Gaugzilla 12/24/12 09:47 AM

Man. Ever rarer that you see someone document their suicide on Twitter (assuming that's what it was). We really need better mental health services in this country.

TomAce 12/24/12 09:47 AM

one of my favorite up and comers. that sucks so fucking bad.

JayBee420 12/24/12 09:49 AM

Wow. What a shame.

Chris Collum 12/24/12 09:51 AM


saywhatever 12/24/12 10:12 AM

I don't know why I'm so upset about this since I didn't know him personally. But RIP brother, hope you find the peace you needed.

lp670sv 12/24/12 10:26 AM

Never heard of this guy or this group but man 19 is way too young for anyone. RIP man.