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Keagan Ilvonen 12/24/12 01:03 PM

Taking Over The World One TV Show At A Time
Update: You can watch the whole episode here.

Obviously it's Christmas Eve and you probably have plans but if you don't, be sure to watch our very own Paul Tao tonight on the Wheel of Fortune.

Stuckinvhs 12/24/12 01:05 PM

Haha oh shit. Good luck to him.

SilenceBrokenTT 12/24/12 01:17 PM

This is gonna be good.

ConnorCorruptNJ 12/24/12 01:27 PM

pretty cool, good luck to him!

projectmayhem16 12/24/12 01:35 PM

So cool. Good luck, Paul!

Alex DiVincenzo 12/24/12 01:39 PM

So awesome! Can't wait to watch. Hope you got the big money.

NorthstarPark 12/24/12 01:46 PM

I love that show, good luck Paul!

tinylilnative 12/24/12 02:14 PM

When you work for a collaboration based music website, this could totally be half your salary. Good luck man!

Robb 12/24/12 02:57 PM

HarryPotter 12/24/12 03:14 PM

that's cool. I remember the time I was on Jeopardy...i shouldn't have been on there

Vanilla Bear 12/24/12 03:22 PM

He better pronounce the words right!

truthbetoldxx 12/24/12 03:45 PM

I'll tune in, that's awesome!

Cody Nelson 12/24/12 03:48 PM

Remembered hearing about this on Twitter what seemed like ages ago. Figured it fell through. Very excited to hear that's not the case, will definitely be watching!

mattregan 12/24/12 04:14 PM


TheRealJohnOC 12/24/12 04:49 PM

I hope Paul pulled on Sajak's hair to see if it's real.