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Jason Tate 01/01/13 04:37 PM

The Story So Far Complete New Album
The Story So Far's new album is now completed.

Submitted by moosehas spoken

NateFoundGlory 01/01/13 04:39 PM

High hopes for this one.

upthepunx 01/01/13 04:39 PM

give it to me NOW

randys950 01/01/13 04:40 PM

this is going to be good

CBKRP 01/01/13 04:42 PM


Yellowcard2006 01/01/13 04:43 PM

Pop punk album of the year.


PirateSkater182 01/01/13 04:43 PM

I'm hoping this has the same energy with better lyrics than USAD.

bite2brkskn12 01/01/13 04:47 PM

can't fucking wait

Penguin 01/01/13 04:51 PM

This is going to be so good.

NewAgeofHorus 01/01/13 04:55 PM

So much expectations for this album

Jake Jenkins 01/01/13 05:11 PM

here's to hoping they drop the pop punk cliches because they have some real potential if they break away from the genre.

JamesMichael 01/01/13 05:15 PM

Really looking forward to this but also anxious at the same time.

FRoGGyFo0 01/01/13 05:16 PM

Gimmie gimmie!

schlotty 01/01/13 05:26 PM

Can't wait for this.

Born_For_This 01/01/13 05:38 PM

Previous album is brilliant. Can't wait.