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Jason Tate 01/01/13 05:27 PM

Stream New Mark Rose EP
Stream the new EP from Mark Rose right here.

Submitted by anamericangod

Alex DiVincenzo 01/01/13 05:49 PM

Good stuff as always.

Keagan Ilvonen 01/01/13 08:05 PM

Real good stuff.

anamericangod 01/01/13 08:06 PM

Highly enjoyable EP.

rob_mylo 01/01/13 08:24 PM

Very nice

kmonkey2 01/02/13 06:21 AM

Definitely enjoyed this.

Entoine 01/02/13 06:22 AM

This is very good.

Geology Rocks! 01/02/13 06:31 AM

This is great

rino655 01/02/13 04:52 PM

Not bad. Pretty typical pop/indie songs. Why are the acoustic guitars from the first song panned hard left though? Not sure who recorded this but they should have done a better job overall.

Jacob Tender 01/24/13 11:57 PM

Great EP. Took me back to John Mayer's debut EP. Anyone else get that vibe? You could toss "Comfortable" in that EP and I'd barely notice it being out of place.