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knash9 01/02/13 08:38 PM

Dear fellow AP users,
I regret to announce a discovery that I have made over the last few months. I believe that this is the only thing I can do is announce it to the world through the means of making this thread. After a few months of thought and consideration, I have realized that the creator and CEO of the site is much more than he says he is. Jason Tate is a part of the Illuminati. I realize that sounds like an absurd charge. Believe me, I am as shocked as you are. If I was not confident in this statement, I would not make it. Unfortunately, I am all but certain that is is true. Although he may not seem like a typical Illuminati sheep that controls and has influence in the media. He is still part of the evil organization. He does this by acting as if he is against monopolies and mocks people who share the truth. However, he can not always keep his knowledge secret, and he does sometimes slip up. Below I have compiled a list of quotes of his and things he shared with others. The list is comprehensive. I realize that it will come under scrutiny so I will try to explain and place rationale behind each one.


New FCC rules will let a single company own a town's ISP, newspapers, 2 TV stations and 8 radio stations http://dlvr.it/2YjMLm
This is clear example of him acting as if he against monopolies, but really this just benefits his group.


Perfect weather for Good Old War
Here is an example of his subliminal messaging that signifies a takeover is imminent


truly took me to a new world
What is this new world that he is talking about? Possibly New World Order?


Oh, you know, Israel massing troops on the border, calling up 16,000 reserve troops ... but by all means: Twinkies.
Mocking the media to act like he isn't part of the Illuminati which controls all major news outlets.


Your votes don't matter at all this time.
Him stating that Illuminati controls election outcomes.

My contrarian point of view: Vote today ... if you're informed and can think rationally. Otherwise sit at home and watch reality TV.
Him stating his superior and his membership to belong with the world's elite.


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 114382302)

Mocking truth-seekers despite knowing they are right.


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 114389692)
I blame Google.

Shifting the blame to other large organizations.


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 114513742)
Donald Trump makes me hate the human race.


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 114547432)
Can someone drone Trump?


Dude is a legit fucking imbecile
Angry with people who are disenters. Does all that is in his power to eliminate their voice. Also wants to inflict harm upon them.


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 114518022)
The polls, again, reflect that they do care about all the stupid comments/things he's done ... which is why he's losing the election.

The polls were close yet he was confident in the outcome because he knows who controls the elections.


Getting different Christmas gifts for the @absolutepunk staff this year done the magnets too many years. Time to mix it up.
Used to create division among the elite of AP. Realizes that if there is infighting. He will have more power and control to spread his Illuminati ways.

If you have any questions about any of the quotes, please bring it up. I will explain any in greater detail. Please comment and share with others. People need to see this.

If you want to read more about the organization, here is a good link.

loveisdead 01/02/13 08:42 PM



apoemtothedead 01/02/13 08:55 PM

I miss having that much free time.

knash9 01/02/13 08:57 PM

Just want to help share my knowledge and save the world

Jake Gyllenhaal 01/02/13 09:08 PM

That shatters my entire universe.

leftapart 01/02/13 10:06 PM


Originally Posted by apoemtothedead (Post 117244542)
I miss having that much free time.


CastlesXClouds 01/02/13 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by knash9 (Post 117244622)
Just want to help share my knowledge and save the world

thank you. but what do i do now?

Shakriel 01/02/13 10:58 PM

I am stunned.

luvsickcatalyst 01/02/13 11:00 PM

This thread changes everything. AP.net 2.0 design will just be changing the logo to Absoluminati Punk.

knash9 01/02/13 11:01 PM


Originally Posted by CastlesXClouds (Post 117248052)
thank you. but what do i do now?

Inform as many people as possible.

caveBEAR 01/02/13 11:09 PM




Palestinian 01/02/13 11:41 PM

I remember when the trolls on this website were decent.

ParkwayTom 01/02/13 11:45 PM

Posting to remember to come back tomorrow. I'm expecting some gigantic lulz, AP. Don't let me down.

Miketheunicycle 01/03/13 12:04 AM

it seems as though while trying to create a thread full of lols, op just missed the mark. hit the drawing board again

11:11 01/03/13 12:27 AM

He didn't deny it, must be true.