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midwestpunker 01/03/13 12:36 AM

Looking for fellow liberals to help contribute to my blog
Hey there, I am Miles Halverson I have a blog about Keynesian Economics. I am looking to branch out in to more subcategories and really get the ball rolling with this blog. If you would be interested in helping me repackage this blog and make it one of the biggest liberal think tanks on the internet let me know via email. mileshalverson@yahoo.com


caveBEAR 01/03/13 10:05 AM


Jake Gyllenhaal 01/03/13 10:18 AM

How much does the gig pay?

Ollie McKraut 01/03/13 01:45 PM

Post a big flyer in a hip local coffee shop

J.C. 01/03/13 04:53 PM

Don't put us in a box, Miles Halverson.

dogface 01/06/13 09:09 PM

How's that economics degree working out? ;-)

apoemtothedead 01/06/13 09:16 PM

I'm interested. Send me a private message on facebook.