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inajar 01/07/13 06:10 PM

oooh it's beautiful.

ConquerTheSound 01/07/13 07:24 PM

I think I am in love <3

dommeswitchsub 01/08/13 06:41 AM

new jersey... i want to move to you! what epic music derives from you!!

bluecrunchy 01/08/13 07:50 AM

That ending...wow.

likeaghost 01/09/13 08:21 AM

absolutely incredible song! the vocals on death in the snow remind me a lot of up up down down...

dorfpimp 01/09/13 06:17 PM

I have no words after listening to this other than...wow.

SmallFrailBoy 01/15/13 10:42 AM

Enjoying this a lot.