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Alex DiVincenzo 01/07/13 07:04 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Socratic
Head over to Socratic's AP.net profile to hear a new song entitled "A Better Place Is Waiting." It's one of two new tracks from the band that will appear on Broken Heart Records' Unsigned/Unrest. The compilation features new, rare and previously unreleased material from such artists as Over It, House of Fools, Mike Felumlee, The Agony Family, Kut U Up and more. It will be released on February 12th. All proceeds are being donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, so pre-order the CD here.

caveBEAR 01/07/13 08:17 AM

Kut U Up? Wow.

L-dawg 01/07/13 08:24 AM

Preorders start at noon est

L-dawg 01/07/13 10:00 AM

Preorders are up. You can preorder digitally as well. http://brokenheartrecords.bandcamp.c...nsinged-unrest

falafelmywaffle 01/07/13 10:50 AM

I've heard this somewhere before, great song!

Castle Builders 01/07/13 11:09 AM

This is incredibly awesome. This is the type of Socratic I like to hear.

L-dawg 01/07/13 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by whenyourearound (Post 117380672)
I've heard this somewhere before, great song!

They played it live along time ago. Some you tube videos floating around. The other Socratic track is the same way.

tmathews 01/07/13 12:46 PM

Live at Maxwell's in Hoboken

dmryan33 01/07/13 12:54 PM

waited so long for this to come out!

wall e 01/07/13 02:55 PM

This is great.