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Keagan Ilvonen 01/07/13 10:08 AM

Rise Records and Drama? No Way!
Apparently The Plot In You's new song "Digging Your Grave" is directed at Austin Carlile (Of Mice & Men). Somehow, the world is not surprised.

Submitted by HeyItsAllyssa

Keagan Ilvonen 01/07/13 10:09 AM

Dude needs to grow up.

JordanKTM 01/07/13 10:12 AM

If you think this song is about you, it probably is

Chuck! 01/07/13 10:12 AM

Who cares, honestly

therookielot 01/07/13 10:13 AM

Please understand

NewAgeofHorus 01/07/13 10:21 AM

He seems like a douche

cowlord 01/07/13 10:22 AM

I listen to share of "hateful" music but this dude seems like a huge cry-baby.

Mattylikesfilms 01/07/13 10:22 AM

Song sucks hard anyways

therookielot 01/07/13 10:24 AM


DemBitties 01/07/13 10:29 AM

Say what you want about this band, but if you don't laugh at the intro to "The Father's Seed", then you have no sense of humor.

kidinthebushes 01/07/13 10:30 AM

Is every single band on Rise somehow connected?

anamericangod 01/07/13 10:30 AM

Fucking terrible, just like Risecore music.

thechetearly 01/07/13 10:34 AM

why can't all these shitty bands that talk all this shit on each other just do what rappers do and someone just do a drive-by already. maybe they'll all kill each other off.

thechetearly 01/07/13 10:34 AM


Originally Posted by anamericangod (Post 117380112)
Fucking terrible, just like Risecore music.

Amen amen.

DemBitties 01/07/13 10:37 AM

Also lol at all the smack talk going on between The Plot In You fanboys and Austin Carlile fangirls.