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Miketheunicycle 01/08/13 10:28 PM

i dont understand why we have to wait

kbomb001 01/08/13 11:24 PM


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 117426372)
I'm ready for some new Paramore.

hear hear

3GunGaz 01/08/13 11:41 PM

'Yay' for Candy Hearts love.

Hayley always seems like a switched on, down to Earth girl. Nice little interview!

Manufactured Dreams 01/09/13 12:04 AM


Originally Posted by danperez (Post 117453912)
Because music, that's why. No two guitarists are alike. The new album will speak for itself.
Myself in particular, I was a fan of Josh's riffs, and am curious to hear what Taylor creates.

And, 2 years time is enough for them to have a different perspective on the Farro situation. Paramore's bound to give some magazine the exclusive on these details, and when they do, that shits gonna sell.

Taylor has been writing for the band before he was even in the band. Do you like That's What You Get One of Taylor's songs. He'll be fine.

awakeohsleeper 01/09/13 12:57 AM


Originally Posted by Keagan Ilvonen (Post 117437872)
Correct, it was an emailer. I'm sure could have done a phoner but this worked better for our schedules.

It is a great interview.

Keagan Ilvonen 01/09/13 02:34 AM


Originally Posted by awakeohsleeper (Post 117457442)
It is a great interview.

Thank you!

Erik Bihl 01/09/13 07:57 AM

Great interview! Really down to earth and with good questions. Loved that she mentions my newly made favorite band Twenty One Pilots. Love them and Paramore :)

mrnegativezero 01/09/13 05:21 PM

Solid interview. Always love to hear from Hayley (and hear her countless devotion to her favorite band of the moment). A lot of "AOTY" things thrown out there... let's hope the album meets some form of that expectation.

trojanick 01/09/13 08:04 PM

Would love to see them take out Shiny Toy Guns w/ Carah back. Super stoked for this album.

srduncan 01/11/13 10:19 AM

opinion change
i've been a paramore fan since riot. i didn't even know what drama was happening. But I was kind of disappointed, or I guess judgmental with all the negative hype, if that's what happened. Anyway, the point of this comment is that I was impressed with the interview. Haley seems like a sincere person, and I really hope the best for them.

I'm mostly impressed with the comments about fame. I felt they really summed up my thoughts on the subject of paparazzi etc. Musicians work their tails off and I'm grateful.

Stroke 01/12/13 02:24 AM

Great interview! Especially loved the part where she talked about Gwen Stefani.

billyboatkid 01/16/13 10:09 AM

Every release has made me more of a fan of theirs. I'm expecting this album to solidify that.

Keagan Ilvonen 01/19/13 12:51 AM

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who took the time to read this. It made me so happy to have so many people check it out and say nice things.

Dre Okorley 01/22/13 02:49 PM

Late on this, but thanks for the interview, Keagan! :hug:

awakeohsleeper 05/31/13 12:07 AM

Just re-reading this. Still interesting.