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Keagan Ilvonen 01/13/13 08:47 PM

Partial Lineup To Punk Rock Bowling Revealed
Bad Religion, The Bouncing Souls, Lagwagon and The Flag (featuring members of Black Flag) will all be playing this year's Punk Rock Bowling event.

Submitted by timorous_me

Charles777 01/13/13 09:22 PM

I would fucking love to see The Flag sometime.

RyanWilliam 01/13/13 10:08 PM

Ugh, the fact that this doesn't have more response saddens me. Not much longer before these bands start dropping like flys ....catch them while you can .

abusedcat 01/13/13 11:02 PM

I hope The Flag isn't just a one off thing and starts happening more often.
Killer line up.

PirateSkater182 01/14/13 02:48 AM

Seeing Off! and Descendents is the closest I've been to seeing The Flag. Pretty sure I heard through the grapevine The American Heist will be playing too.

punkcrap 01/14/13 06:13 AM

I wonder if Bowling for Soup is going to be a part of this.

InaGreendase 01/14/13 07:26 AM

So who is in this Flag, exactly?

PirateSkater182 01/14/13 08:03 AM


Originally Posted by InaGreendase (Post 117670492)
So who is in this Flag, exactly?

It says on the flyer in the link. Keith, Bill, Chuck from BF and Stephen of Descendents.

kcpunk 01/14/13 09:03 AM

He's crazy, but no Ginn, no Flag.

irememberhallow 02/11/13 04:17 PM

Pisses me off that I can't go to this. It's such an awesome line up. In my opinion anyway. I had such a gnarly plan for this trip, too. There's always next year, right? aha